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Merry Christmas From Your Heathen Friend

Hateful Speech vs Hate Speech

Substackers Against Nazis

The Absolute Need for Art and Craft

On the Eve of The Unbelievable Thousand

Be Not Pretentious

It's the 'Creative' in Creative Writing That Makes it Creative.

People Crossed the Street to Keep From Talking to Me

What If We Stopped Welcoming Every Would-be Writer?

If You See Your Blog as Your Journal, You're Doing it Wrong.

My Writing is All Over the Place

Sometimes Progress is in Admitting How Bad You Once Were.

Q&A: Is Writing Your Calling or is it a Hobby?

Notes as an Exquisite Structure Where All of This Happens.

When We're Being Honest...

How my workday goes

Every Sentence Felt as if it had Been Wrung Out of My Very Soul

Q&A: How Often Do Your Pieces Take on Lives of Their Own?

Think of It as a Concert of Words

I Think I Have the Makings of a Novella

I'm Here. It's my Internet that's Not.

I Don't Want to be Famous.

Q&A: If You Weren't a Writer, What Would You Be?

The Enchantment of Raggedy Ann

In 1998 I wrote a Letter to Hillary Clinton

My Piece on Gender Bias at Constant Commoner

Don’t Let Your Writing Break You

How I Could Love Succession and Ted Lasso and Still Hate the F Word

And Then She Wrote...

Spare Me Your Writing Advice

AI and the Need for the Sublime

Looking For Lydia's Babies

Q&A: How Important is Community?

I Thought She Was Who She Said She Was

When Hate Rears its Ugly Head We Have to Be Kinder. We Have to Smack It Down.

On the Subject of Substack and Notes

Join me on Notes

My Words on Bill Moyers' Lips

Q&A: How do you Decide on Viewpoint?

What Does It Mean When My Inspiration Comes from Girl Scout Cookies?

Libraries Should be Magical Places

I Wrote About Reagan's Swearing-In and the Iran Hostage Release as it Happened.

Q&A: CNF Writers: Who are we writing for?

Toni Morrison Tried to Teach Us to be Brave.

Writing Advice: The Art, The Craft, The Cons

Q&A: When Someone Says 'What Should I Write About' What Do You Say?

Exploring the Mysteries of Substack #4: Pictures and Style

Exploring the Mysteries of Substack #3: It's All About the Writing.

Exploring the Mysteries of Substack #2: The Edit Page is Your Friend

Exploring the Mysteries of Substack #1: Getting to the Manuscript

Feelings...Nothing More Than feelings

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and the Horse

Q&A: Will you be kinder or harder on yourself this year?