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Have a wonderful holiday with family and memories of Ed. This year I’m not taking anything for granted. Thankful for everything. Enjoy the snow!

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It will be different, yes. But I am wishing you the best it can possibly be, with a delightful surprise or two, too. (I fell on ice and broke my elbow days before my first Christmas as a widow--it was a dreadful distraction... so here's to No Distractions!)

Thank you for your work here--I appreciate your words!

Peace, Ramona--


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I’m sorry for your loss. This one kinda hit me. My dad is dying of terminal cancer. (Melanoma.) We’re about to (hopefully) start clinical trials. Who knows how much time he has left. We didn’t do Christmas last year cause my dad was doing awful then. So this will be a very special and poignant one.

Happy Holidays everybody! Merry Christmas 🎄

Michael Mohr

‘The Incompatibility of Being Alive’


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Happy holiday, Ramona. It's a tough gig doing the season without the ones we loved and with whom we shared for so long. Memories have a huge place in our lives. Stay safe, stay warm and indulge yourself and your family.

Here's to next year.

PS: Once you become friends with Word, you'll find it brilliant. Have fun!

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Happy holidays. I'm sorry to learn of your loss. A good of ours unexpectedly lost her mother just last week, and I can only imagine how hard that makes the holidays. I'm sure Ed would want you to be as happy as you're able.

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Have a magical peaceful Xmas, Ramona. May the rest of 2022 be everything you wish for it to be.

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