How Often is Too Often?

I'm asking you, my readers, for advice.

Hi fellow writers, can I have a minute? Yesterday, on Substack’s Writer Office Hours, we talked about scheduling posts and about frequency and I realized I’m probably doing this all wrong. I don’t stick to a schedule and I think I’m okay with that, but please tell me how you feel about knowing when my posts will appear. Should I have a schedule? I can adjust!

Okay, another thing: several Substack writers said they wouldn’t subscribe to a blog that publishes too often. I looked at my own frequency and was shocked to see that lately I’ve been publishing pieces every other day and sometimes every day.


My only excuse is that it’s a kind of catch-up for me, since so much of what I’m sending you are already published pieces that have been languishing, invisible and unknown to my current readers. I’ve been thrilled by the reception and even more excited by the feedback in the way of comments, but I also know that too much is too much when it’s too much.

Is it too often? Too much? Would you like to see fewer pieces on a time schedule? I can do that!

Please take a minute to let me know. These pages are for you and I want you to be happy with them. And while you’re at it, you could tell me what you like or don’t like or want to see more of. (Pretty sure I’m not supposed to end that sentence that way…)

Be honest! I can take it! Thanks.

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